Abstract Art Factory


Arthur (or Art, take your pick) Doler is a software developer, data scientist,
maker, mental health consumer, occasional writer (hopefully self-evidently), public speaker, and a human being (supposedly). He would describe himself as an autodidactic polymath, but only really smug and annoying people call themselves that, so he would instead say he has wide and varied interests. He is, on a wide scale of the entire human experience, generally okay.

If you read his bio at conferences, it will usually claim that he has brown hair and a shiny blue thorax. Only one of those is true but nobody ever asks him about either.

He currently works for a company in Omaha called Aviture. He has two sets of business cards: one which says "Senior Software Engineer" and one which says "Attendant to the Machine Gods", both of which inadequately describe what he does.
All opinions expressed on this blog are unfortunately Art's alone and cannot be attributed to whatever entity is employing him at any given moment.