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Howdy! My name's Arthur Doler. Or Art, whichever you prefer. I am a lot of things, but here's a succinct list of the pertinent ones: developer, international speaker, digital artist (for certain very stick-figure values of art), Twitch streamer, neurodivergent, giant nerd, brain enthusiast. I live in Omaha, Nebraska, where I am both senior software engineer and also the Community and Culture Steward for Aviture, which is a software consultancy. I am a technology generalist and I'm more interested in solving problems than in any one tech stack, and I'm even more interested in how we can make the most out of the wet sack of meat that evolution dropped between our ears.

That'd be your brain, to be clear.

Our brains (and more broadly our entire nervous systems) are the a central part of literally everything we do, whether that's input or output, and I strongly believe we can take the things that neurology and psychology are learning, and use those things to build better software, be better coworkers, and live better lives. My passion is mental health and advocating for anyone with lived experience - that is to say, anyone who knows what it's like to have to fight with your own brain on a daily basis.

I've spoken at over 40 conferences in 4 different countries (6 if you count virtual talks), I recently gave my first keynote, I've been a guest on a number of podcasts, and someday I'd love to write an actual book.

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