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Owning Your Experience: The Blog Post

I'm trying a new thing: instead of trying to manage slide decks through bitly links and all that, I'm going to manage each talk through a blog post that also happens to summarize and restate the stuff I discuss in the talk, so people can come back later and actually

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My Inspirations, Part 1 of 8

I haven't been speaking for long enough to have an annual routine. But so far, in the tail end of the year it seems like I don't have a lot to do, creatively. I have to talk at the conferences I've been accepted to, which usually entails some tweaks and

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Off to KCDC!

Catch me at either of my talks:

The Developer's Guide to Learning Effectively - 9:45 on Thursday in Room 2215B

The Saboteur in Your Retrospectives - 8:30 (yes, in the morning) on Friday in Room 2203

Or just catch me in the hallway or at the attendee party.

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KCDC 2017 Speaker Promo Video

As will probably come up with some regularity here, I work for a company in Omaha, NE called Aviture. I usually have to say it twice, because people blink and go "Aperture"? Which I have to say would make for a way more interesting work environment, but probably

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