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Trip Report - KCDC 2017

To start, huge thanks to the organizers of KCDC - Jonathan Mills, Lee Brandt, Boon Lee, and Jeff Strauss - for another great conference. KCDC is starting to feel like the huge rock megafest of Midwest development - think like Bonaroo or Lollapalooza, but with a whole bunch more nerds. KCDC continues to grow – they added two rooms to the schedule this year. There were SO MANY speakers there! And attendees, too.

Personally, it was a very good conference. The Developer’s Guide to Learning Effectively (which was a premiere there) got a lot of good comments, and people came up to me the whole conference to say they thought it was great. They also had @onesquigglyline in that room doing drawn talk notes, which I got to take home!
Drawn talk notes
So THAT was pretty cool. Also someone came up after the talk was done and handed me his business card.
It says 'Just thought you should know... you're a BADASS!'
Which was ALSO pretty cool. Lastly, several people came up during the attendee party and said something to the effect of “OH YEAH, I remember you gave a talk last year, I don’t remember what it was about but I remember it was good!” which... I suppose that's good for the personal brand, but obviously I need to be better at takeaways from my talks.

I got to meet Dave Real, who does the Developer on Fire podcast, and Neem Serra, who I've wanted to meet for a while because she talks about implicit bias. I met a ton of other people too - new speakers and ones I just hadn't met yet. I've been going to KCDC for 4 years now - first as an attendee and then as a speaker - and it always surpasses my expectations and manages to blow me away.

I just wish I wasn't always so tired when I get home.