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KCDC 2017 Speaker Promo Video

As will probably come up with some regularity here, I work for a company in Omaha, NE called Aviture. I usually have to say it twice, because people blink and go "Aperture"? Which I have to say would make for a way more interesting work environment, but probably violate some untold number of OSHA rules. On the other hand, I'd probably be working on AI? But on the gripping hand, the AI would wind up killing me with neurotoxins. So... tradeoffs.

Anyhow. Aviture recorded me looking like a doof answering questions about KCDC. They also recorded the 4 other people we have speaking there, who are much better prepared. Then they got it edited into a promo video, which you can go see!

As a bonus, here's a sneak peek from The Developer's Guide to Learning Effectively:
I Regret Asking Already
This may also be most people's reaction to asking me ANY question.

Hope to see y'all at KCDC 2017!