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Let's get this started, and KCDC 2017

Why hello there.####

Hey look I made a blog. Okay, technically I already had one, but I hadn't updated it in forever (like one does with blogs). I figured I needed one that I can use to track what presentations I have available, what state of completion they're in, and both when and where I'm going to be speaking. So now we have this. I'll also be trying to actually update this with both semi-incoherent thoughts and things that otherwise catch my interest, so maybe you can get an idea of what I'll wind up developing as a talk next.

Obviously it's still in need of a little work - a header image and a better logo - but for right now it works. I whipped up a neat little bit of Javascript to parse out a Trello board and show my talks: that's running over on my speaking page. There's also some logic over there to parse out an exported ical file of my speaking schedule. Eventually it'll be grabbing that from an API endpoint from the nextcloud instance I stood up, but for right now they don't set the CORS headers and I haven't had time to hack in a workaround, so the file parsing's what I've got.

KCDC 2017

On the topic of speaking schedule, in less than two weeks I'll be talking at KCDC 2017! I'm giving two talks - The Saboteur in your Retrospectives, which I've given a number of times this year, and the world premiere of The Developer's Guide to Learning Effectively. I'm super excited about that one - I've put in more research into it than any talk I've given so far, and I think it'll show.

I just have to, you know. Finish it. (Yes, I am in fact using my procrastination on the talk to force myself to stop procrastinating on writing this blog post. Maybe I'll write a blog post about that.)